The Government of Uganda has switched to the new East African Community e-Passport as part of the initiatives to deepen regional integration by easing the movement of citizens of the EAC partner states having the same travel document. The new passport is a technology upgrade of the old Electronic Machine-Readable Passport and includes enhanced security features. 

All citizens are encouraged to switch to the new passports to minimise inconvenience in travel as Government of Uganda phased out the old passports on April 4, 2022. 


The application process for the e-Passport is automated and designed to ease an applicant's experience by providing a convenient, secure & easy to use platform. 

There are three main stakeholders in the passport application process are the applicant, the High Commission & the Diaspora Desk at the Directorate of Immigration and Citizenship Control. The application to renew passports is in three stages as below:

Step 1
The first stage is for the applicant to visit the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control Website below to start the application: 

Applicants should print passport application form at the end of the online application instead of the option of booking appointment at the end. Please note that all passport pickups for Ugandans in the Diaspora is Kampala.

Step 2
The second stage is for the applicant to schedule an interview, either physical or online at the High Commission in Canberra by submitting the passport application form together with a copy of his/her national ID (or that of the recommender), a copy of the bio-data page of the old passport, plus a letter to passport control nominating someone to handle the passport application process in Kampala. These should preferably be sent to the High Commission physically or by registered post or preferred courier. Our consular officer will then schedule an interview. 

Step 3
The third stage is for the applicant themselves or through a nominated third party will then present the application the Diaspora Desk at the Directorate of Immigration and Citizenship Control in Kampala which will print and inform them when the new passport is ready.