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Tuesday, 29th May 2018
High Commissioner Hosts Ubuntu Group at the Chancery.
This Ubuntu choir is made up of 14 young 20-year olds, all graduates of the World renowned African Children's Choir, a Christian organisation that uses musical engagement to strengthen communities and raise money to build and fund schools that have enabled all these young singers, and many more before them to realise an education that may otherwise have been impossible.

Tapping into the thread of music present in so many aspects of African life, these choirs empower students to actively participate in recognising their dreams and reaching their potential, whilst also providing them with an education, musical skills and overseas experience. A wonderful bi-product of that is a powerful musical & cultural experience.

With the assistance of Non-Profit Kwaya Organisation, the Ubuntu choir is touring Australia in a series of concerts to raise funds needed to complete the construction of a new School in Entebbe, and to find sponsorship for these aspiring young singers to commence their tertiary studies.

The Ubuntu choir toured Australia in 2016 and this time it is the class of 2018 bringing their distinctive brand of music and dance on huge tour up to the East coast of Australia.

The High Commissioner and Staff attended the show in Canberra and at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The High Commissioner hosted the group to a lunch at the Chancery.